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The program is directed by COLLEGE OF LAKE COUNTY HEAD COACH Tim Bowen.


Coach Bowen has been a High School Basketball Coach for over 35 years, and has been a High School Head Boys Basketball Coach for 16 years with over 200 varsity wins. Coach Bowen has coached in the following High School State Series games: 2 state championships, 3 final fours, 5 elite eights, 13 sweet sixteens and 17 regional titles.  He has coached in the ESPN National Game of the Year and has coached in several National High School Tournaments.   Coach Bowen's system of fundamental skills, drills and training for all level of basketball players is an effective tool to prepare your player.


Coach Bowen's program is about making your player better, making all players better.  He focuses on players becoming  GREAT Teammates. Coach Bowen wants all his players to play hard and play the game at a level that challenges and supports their development.  Coach Bowen cares more about each players development rather  than loading teams up just to win championships.  Our Goal is to play hard, compete, and get better each day . 

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