Our mission is to give all players the best basketball experience possible. We stress the use of fundamentals, our coaching staff works with your player each day to focus on those skills first. We want to  develop future Feeder, High School and College player's skills and teach them how to play as a team.  
The Bowen Coaches will train your players the same way we train our high school players. I have worked for over 30 years as a high school coach and this program is the same program that we use for our high school players. These drills and concepts are what I KNOW as a head coach that is needed to get your player on the floor and on a team.  Come work out with us and let me and my staff help your player get the skills needed to be successful. 
Our GOAL is to train your child to be ready to play with class, be a good teammate, work hard and play with dignity that all coaches are looking for.
We will not tell you that your player is a D-1 player to get your money. We will provide training and coaching that will allow your player to be seen in a positive way by all coaches. Your player will be seen and will play at higher level. They will get better, that is the only guarantee we will make. 
We will give you an honest evaluation of your players abilities and work to make them better.  NO lies or false promises to get your player in our program. We tell only the truth .  
Players from all schools and all skill levels  are welcome to participate.

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